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5 Fitness Equipment for Successful Workout at Home

Updated: Mar 22

Now a days busy schedule is quite common. Interestingly, sedentary lifestyle is increasing among the adults. Researchers found that physical inactivity has close connection with several chronic diseases and health problems - obesity, cardiovascular disease (CVD), type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke, osteoporosis hypertension are just to mention a few.

As per the guidelines of NHS (UK) for able bodied adults:

  • Engagement in physical activity everyday is important;

  • Muscles strengthening activities, at least twice in a week, are helpful for back, hips, chest, legs, abdomen, arms and shoulders

  • At least 75 minutes of tenuous or 150 minutes of moderate activities in every week is advisable;

  • Long time spent in sitting or lying down should be replaced with small break of physical activity.

Exercise requires planning, structure, repetitive actions, and most importantly a purpose. However, with the help of few equipment one can start the exercise routine at home. With the help of the beginners will not only stay motivated, their workout will also reach to the next level. To know about the equipment read the entire article.

1. Yoga Mats

Yoga mat helps to maintain the body balance and performing right posture. There are certain exercises that you need to perform in lying down position and you should not be lying down either on hard surface or on too soft mat. Quality of mat matters a lot. During physical exercise or yoga practice we normally sweat and the mat should be is sticky enough so that one do not slip. Although a lot of varieties are available in the market, a quality yoga mat, as per my research, is given below.

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You can also go through the article: 5 Characteristics of Good Quality Yoga Mats

2. Dumbbells

Advantage of dumbbell is that it can be used in various ways. You can choose the dumbbells as per your capacity and intensity of physical exercise. Compact use of dumbbell allow you to do total body movement. Workouts for legs and squat or strengthening exercises for arms particularly the bicep curls become easier with dumbbell. The grip of dumbbell is very important. During workouts your palms get sweaty. You may have a accident if the dumbbell falls from your hand. So it is better to avoid the dumbbells with smooth rods. As per my research, a set of dumbbells are suggested below.

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3. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are available in wide range of variety. The "booty bands" are useful for pivotal training whereas long bands are used for complete body workout. To stimulate the muscles for harder work, you can use booty band by adding resistance in movements like donkey kicks, jumping squats, hip bridges etc. The bands are available in three categories -light resistance, medium resistance, and heavy resistance. Some bands are made with rubber-like material however cotton bands give better non-slip grip if you work for long hours.

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4. Gym Balls

Gym ball is fantastic and my all time favorite. You can do full-body workouts with high-intensity interval training. The movement with gym ball not only strengthens the core but also works for entire upper and lower body. You just lie-down on the ball on your back to stretch or do crunches.

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5. Ab Rollers

Ab rollers are perfect for cores. It typically has handles for gripping and a wheel. All you need to sit on your knees - then roll the wheel on the floor and go forward as per your capacity - and come back to your original position. You can feel tension at your ab in just few reps!

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