Prenatal & Postnatal (100 hrs) TTC - Online Course

Course Overview

This course is completely professional course for the individuals, who are interested: to learn about pre-postnatal Yoga in-depth; and want to build their career in Yoga. This course is taken by certified Yoga Therapist and related specialists. The course includes the following aspects:

  • Focused yoga for pregnant woman

  • Understanding benefits of certain postures

  • Using props for the postures

  • How to conceive baby

  • Pre Natal yoga

  • Specification of alignment and adjustment

  • Relevant pranayama for pregnancy

  • Anatomy and physiology at every stage of pregnancy

  • Understanding of labor and child birth

  • Yogic motherhood

  • Special care for mother and child

  • Yoga Nidra technique for the growth of the fetus

  • Beneficial diet

  • Ayurveda lifestyle for the pregnant woman

  • Divine and conscious childcare

  • Role of parents

  • Special Vedic mantras for pregnancy

Course Highlights

Courses at Indus Excellence Yoga Institute (IEYI) is unique. The facilities at IEYI courses are as follows:

  1. Certification: On completion of the course, IEYI will give the completion certificate.

  2. Post certification support:

  • The advantage of the certification from IEYI is that after completion of the course, students will become member at IEYI, as well as, IYA. This will provide them more job and service opportunities. 

  • IEYI conducts various workshops and programmes, on how to promote Yoga classes, for its students and members.

  • Major goal of IEYI is the success of students and therefore, it provides marketing support for its students and members, if they face trouble at the initial stage of Yoga career.

Financial Information

Registration Fees:

Rs. 0

(Registration is free. Registration is required to get detailed information about the course like: demo certificate, syllabus etc.)

Enrolment Fees:

Rs. 3,000

(It includes charges for booking seat and first lot of study materials. It is non-refundable)

Course Fees:

Total Fees:

Rs. 3,500

Rs. 6,500

(It includes tuition fees and final lot of study materials. It is non-refundable after two classes)

Class Timings


05.30pm - 07.00pm:  Theory

07.00pm - 08.30pm:  Practical

*80% attendance is must for certification.

How to Apply?

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