200 hrs or Basic TTC

Course Overview

This is an excellent professional course for the individuals, who are interested in building their career in Yoga. The course is designed with integrated learning of Yoga theories and knowledge of practical. Design of this course is aligned with AYUSH level-1 and all other standard 200hrs Teachers Training Course (TTC)s, conducted by various organizations. After completion of this TTC, students will be able to teach Yoga to healthy adults and children. IEYI is affiliated by Indian Yoga Association and the certified students can teach Yoga worldwide.

Why learning at IEYI?

1. We provide soft skill classes for our students so that they do not find difficulties in taking their own Yoga class. 

2. Students automatically become member at IEYI. This will provide them more support job opportunities. 

3. Our course emphasizes on in-depth learning so that our students can serve the society with excellent performance.

4. IEYI conducts workshops and programmes for its students on promotion of their Yoga classes.

5. IEYI provides marketing support for the interested students, if they face trouble at the initial stage of Yoga career.

200 hours TTC Courses

Basic TTC-Full Time Course

Regular interactive classes are conducted. Duration of this course is one month. Career supports are given to the certified students.

Basic TTC-Full Time Course

Basic TTC-Hybrid Course

This course is a mixture of self-paced and interactive sessions. After completion, students will get support for building their career in Yoga.

Basic TTC-Hybrid Course

Basic TTC-Self-Paced Course

Both theories and practical classes are self-paced. After completion, students will get certificate from Indus Excellence Yoga Institute.

Basic TTC-Self-Paced Course

How to apply at IEYI?

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In case of problems or further queries, please send email to indusexcellenceyogainstitute@gmail.com

Note - In case of any difficulties, kindly send us message on WhatsApp no +91 6289412016


1. Candidate should be physically and mentally fit.

2. Candidate can have little or no prior experience of Yoga.

3. Candidate should be between 18-60 years.

4. Candidate must be comfortable in English or Hindi.

5. Candidate must be serious in learning as completion of this course demands long-term commitment and deep understanding of Yogic lifestyle and application.

6. Candidate is expected to attend at least 60% of the classes.

7. For online course,  candidate should arrange proper light during practical class as it will help the Yoga teacher to correct the posture.

8. Candidate should have Google meet App and Zoom App on mobile phones or tablets or laptop computer and also have WhatsApp application on phones/iPhones