Indus Excellence Yoga Institute’s Terms & Conditions for Classes/Courses

I accept and understand that by registering to this yoga program/class, I may receive various ebooks, CDs, online materials which is related to yoga and yoga life style. I understand all the materials are given for my personal use and non-distributable to others. I am aware of the fact that to get benefits of this Yoga techniques and lifestyle, I will need to practice regularly and sincerely as recommended in the material that is provided and/or discussed in the class. I understand that the benefits of this Yoga techniques and lifestyle are highly depended on the level and intensity of practice, as well as, individual physical conditions and characteristics. I won’t make Indus Excellence Yoga Institute; or books or CDs or various materials given in the; or materials provided by Indus Excellence Yoga Institute for any course/class, responsible for any slow/low/no outcome of the practice of Yoga techniques and lifestyle. I am solely responsible for any accident, mishap, or any other physical & / or mental problems which may arise due to practice of yoga and other techniques mentioned in the books, CDs, various materials given in the; or materials provided by Indus Excellence Yoga Institute for any course/class as well as various facilities listed on to practice all this techniques. I am aware about my physical and mental constraints; and will not practice particular asana(s), pranayama(s), kriya(s) that my personal physician(s) has/have advised not to practice. I shall hold, all its consultants, teachers, staff and connected organizations harmless against any accident, mishap or any other physical & / or mental problems during or after the program registration. I am declaring myself physically and mentally fit to take learn and read material, books, CDs, any direct practical training involved in this package, also I am accepting all the rules and regulations of, which are binding on me as a customer/student/practitioner, I have read these rules on At any time in the course of practice and learning, if the management of thinks that I am unfit to take or practice the course, then I have no objection in accepting the decision of the management. If I decide to leave the course or the management asks me to stop or discontinue the program, I would respect the decision and will not ask for any money back, financial compensation or other favors from, staff, teachers. I am agreeing to pay the required charges if I am accepted and decide to get admitted to this program and I understand this amount is non-refundable. I request you to admit me to the program.