What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy has high therapeutic relationship. It is the application of Yoga principles and techniques to cure physical and mental health problems. Prime focus of Yoga therapy is to promote self-care and encourage overall well-being.

What are the Yoga Therapies available at Indus Excellence Yoga Institute?

Our experts provide Yoga Therapies for a wide range of health problems. The treatments are available for the following health problems:

-Back Pain

-Knee Pain


-Shoulder Pain


-Sleeping Disorder




-Digestive Disorder

How Yoga Therapy is provided at Indus Excellence Yoga Institute?

We understand the extreme importance of patient's health and highly value it with care. The facility for treatment is available both online, offline, and (if convenient) at the home of the patient. The type of classes, whether one-to-one or in group, is decided based on the need of the patient.


As patient contact Indus Excellence Yoga Institute for Yoga Therapy, we fix an expert for consultation within two working days. First consultation is absolutely free and patient can discuss his/her health problem with our expert. Based on the consultancy, we forward a treatment plan to the patient. If patient agree, we connect the patient with certified and experienced Yoga Therapists. We also continuously monitor the progress of the patient.

For Yoga Therapy

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